About us

Nepali Samaj Nottingham, Eastmidlands UK, is Nepalese Community Organisation with the purpose of uniting all Nepalese People living in Nottingham and Neighbourhood. This is a charitable organisation with the aim of benefiting its members in various Cultural, Community based activities.

Established in 2009 with only a few members who just arrived in Nottingham, It has now 120 Members. Since the membership of NENEM is based on one family and one member, we have officially 120 registered members.

The main aim of the organisation is to unite its members coming from every corner of Nepalese geographic locations, celebrate Nepalese Festivals including the British festivals, keeping Nepalese Value alive and connect with all other Nepalese organisations throughout the United Kingdom. Not only these activities but helping its members during difficult times, encourage members and their families to engage in creative talents like sports, music, Nepalese languages, and help its members during hardship and difficult time is also a part and practice of our Organisation.

Our organisation also emphasises and organise the integration program with Nottingham City Council to work together to keep the city safe and a better living place for all in Nottingham.

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