Culture and Heritage 


No matter where we live, people have always struggle for their identity. Culture is one of the most important part of human civilisation which determines the identity. Culture gives the strength of being who we are. Moreover, living with own tradition and cultural norms inherited from our ancestors motivate us to live and provide sense of connectivity. Preserving and sustaining these values and pass them to the new generation is what is our collective responsibility as a community.

This project aims at preserving the cultural heritage of our Nepalese community, celebrating popular cultural festivals in Nottingham, providing knowledge about our communities to the research organisations, individuals and interested groups, and learning new culture of our Karma Bhumi while in Nottingham.

Targeted groups:

– People of Nepalese Origin living in Nottingham and neighbourhood

– Friends and well wishers of Nepalese and Nepal

– Schools, universities, and any research groups wanting to know more about our culture and values.

Festivals We celebrate:

1. Nepali New year : every year

2. English New Year: Every Year

3. Haritalika Teej: Every Year

4. Vijaya Dashamai : Every Year

5. Dipawali ( Tihaar): Every Year

6. Christmas: Every Year


Main Source of funding for these activities are collected through the means of organising charitable events listed above. Additionally, we also receive the donations form members of the community as well as non members.