Disaster relief programme


We, Humanbeing face unexpected obstacles at any time due to natural calamities such as landslide, fire, earthquake and many such. In April 2015, Nepal faced a horror of deadly earthquakes in which over 9000 people lost their lives and 22,000 were badly injured. Millions were affected and millions of dollar economic damages was reported. It would have been impossible for Nepal to recover from this wound without the support of of various organisations and individuals. Particularly, Nepalese non-profit organisations throughout the world played a significant roles to assist the victims. Nepali Samaj Nottingham also played significant roles to raise funds for Nepal.

We  raised thousands of pounds and handed over to Nepalese Government, kept providing the support various projects related to the rebuilding programs.

Similarly,  In 2016, one of the Nepalese families living in Leicestershire, UK faced a horrible fire in his residence and all of his belongings were completely ruined. With cooperation with other Nepalese organisations in the East-Midlands, UK, Nepalese Samaj Nottingham East Midlands, took a responsibility to raise emergency fund for the victims and supported to reestablish their regular lives. 

Such events may occur at any time, anywhere and for anybody. Learned from past experience, NSN-EM has come up with the Disaster Relief Project to support the victims.

Aim of the project

The main aim for this project is to raise the fund for the unexpected disastrous events in nepal and the United Kingdom where the he organisation operates. As the organisation has been formed by the Nepalese communities living in Nottinghamshire and surrounding, the first and foremost priorities will be to support in Nepal and United Kingdom. NSN-EM-DS projects may use this fund anywhere in the world as requires and if the fund is available.

Targeted Groups and Events

The main focus of this project will be to support the natural disasters and the incidence beyond occurred by beyond human capacities.

Source of Funding

Every members of the NSN-EM will be requested to provide minimum monthly donations