Language and integrations 

Introduction In the recent years, people of Nepalese origin living in Nottingham has rapidly increased. While living in the New country, we face various problems ranging from English language to guidance for finding appropriate job markets. In addition to this, NSN also strives to provide the Nepalese Language classes for the children living in Nottingham. Nepali samaj nottingham aims to provide aids to support people in the communities in need.


NSN-EM aims to deliver the best possible solution to the families. In order to run this project, NSN-EM seeks the possible funding available from Nottingham City Council and any other supporting bodies and donations.

In the future, NSN also seeks possibility to work with the GCSE Examination Bodies to include Nepalese Language Exam Paper so that children from Nepalese origin in Nottingham and Neighbourhood.

Targeted Groups:

1. Adults with minimum knowledge of English language

2. People looking for a way to enhance their professional direction

3. Children wanting to learn language of their parents


The fund will be collected through the donations and government funding bodies


1- English Language ESOL and conversational English

2- Job Search and career consultation programs

3- Nepalese Language Courses for Children


Currently, due to lack of permanent places for the programs, we have organised such programs in various locations. NSN-EM is also looking for the appropriate support from Government in Nottingham Area.